Nothing to late Indonesia…..

by agnassetiawan

Indonesia is one of between the most big country in the world. The population of inhabitant achieve 200 million people. Education is one the most important things for building the man power. As developing country, Indonesia had still repaired the system of curriculum in formal education. As we know that Indonesia is one of among country who has massive lesson at school. If we compare with another country example Japan , he only give maximum no moren than 10 kind of lesson every degree, so the student have not overload material of lesson. The student given chalengge to expression imagination from basic consept of material. In Indonesia ,at senior high school a total of kind of lesson has gotten more than 20 subject, its really to much for brain capacity tennager. The effect to student is they had not much time to explore the creativity. I think the goverment must be introspection to change the system. Many case had been founded about national curriculum like dishonest national exam, teacher recruitment and others problem. Altough until now we still running the programme, i belive that we can switch other to a better and we still pray and pray….Indonesia we belive you can stand up and together build a good student and become a leader in the world..


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